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Sunday Worship Services
Sunday School: 9:00 am
Fellowship: 10:00 am
Announcements: 10:25 am
Worship Service: 10:30 am

St. John's Worship & Music Committee

Barbara Wilson, Chair

Trisha Sears, Secretary
Barb Bowman
Marsha Cabbage
Tina Barrett
Joan Lewis
Jeri Klaren, Altar Guild, Chair
Jan Long, Council Liaison

Committee Description

  • The Worship & Music Committee oversees the regular church services and makes recommendations to the Council for variations in the regular scheduling. The committee assists the pastor with the special services that are held throughout the church year, will consistently provide a variety of high quality music for Celebrations on Sundays and other days, and encourage and facilitate musical participation from the church community.
  • The Committee will remain current on worship trends and will make recommendations to the council for additional services and variations in formats to meet the needs of St. John’s members and the community at large. The Committee will consider ways to optimize available liturgies, improve the overall worship atmosphere and introduce new materials available from the Synod and other authorized sources.
  • The Committee assists in providing music for other church functions, the Preschool, and all other church affiliated organizations with music programs.
  • The Committee assists the Music Director in planning music for worship in the development of a comprehensive music program for the Church for all age groups to include the education of liturgy and hymns. 
  • The Committee plans and conducts fundraising concerts and recitals to support the music program.
  • The Committee supervises the church choirs, church musicians and music staff including choir directors and accompanists.
  • The Committee fills vacancies and provides substitutes for the organist and other music related positions when necessary.
  • The Committee maintains a library of church music and maintains music related equipment and vestments.
  • The Committee may, with the approval of the Church Council, add, replace and maintain musical instruments owned by the church.
  • The Committee may assist as needed in training the ushers, acolytes and assistant ministers.
  • The Committee will see that devotional materials and vestments are provided and properly cared for.
  • The Committee will work with the Property and Technology Committees in caring for all property necessary for the conduct of worship.
  • The Committee will work with the Architectural Review Committee in maintaining the historic heritage and traditions of St. John's.
  • The Committee will submit an annual budget to the Finance Committee.
  • The Committee will meet as a group on a quarterly basis. The chairperson may call additional meetings. Business may be conducted at other times throughout the year electronically.

Committee Membership

  • Chair (Appointed by Church Council)
  • Church Council Member
  • Two regular attendees from each service
  • The Spiritual Gifts Coordinator (representing the ushers/greeters, lectors, lay assistants, acolytes)
  • Liaison from the Altar Guild
  • Pastor (Advisory)

The Altar Guild
The Altar Guild is a sub-committee of the Worship and Music Committee and consists of those members dedicated to serving the Lord as caretakers of the altar and all its appointments, as well as the Chancel area. Committees of preferably two (2) serve for one month. During the Easter and Christmas seasons, due to special services and frequent communions, at least five (5) people are on hand.

Their duties are:
 1) Dust altar, pulpit, lectern, chairs and railings. as needed
 2) Check to see if proper color paraments as shown on calendar are in place.
 3) Be sure all linens are cleaned and well ironed.
 4) Prepare communion for services of worship as indicated.
 5) Place flowers (or candelabras if there are no flowers) on redoes of altar.
 6) Clean and trim candles.
 7) Polish offering plates and vases as needed.
 8) After services, wash communion items and store in closet.
 9) Order communion and candle supplies as needed. Check wine supply and replace as needed.

Revised and approved by Congregational Council in February, 2012.