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St. John's Property Committee

(Includes Architectural Review Committee and

Inventory of St. John's Facilities, Properties and Vendors)

Committee Members:
Dave Lewis, Chair
Ray Burroughs, Staff
Blake Norton
Chris Lee
Mary Sprouse
Church council liaison: Charlie Busch

Committee Description
There shall be a Committee on Church Property. This committee shall see to the proper maintenance and protection of all property of the congregation, and shall take care that the same is kept in good repair. Article X, Section 4

The committee should be small . Ten persons would customarily be an effective unit. The committee members both collectively and individually should work closely with the pastor and those employed to provide maintenance and custodial care for the property.

1. Property Maintenance One of the important tasks of the committee will be to provide proper maintenance for the congregation's property. This includes insuring the day-by-day and week-by-week care is given to the congregation's property and insuring that it is carried out regularly in a way that is cost effective and consistent with the best interests of the congregation.

The committee has general authority from the church council to provide proper maintenance of the building( s), equipment and grounds and providing a safe and secure environment. However, in granting such authority, the church council should specify exact expenditure limitations beyond which the committee may not incur expense without further authorization.

2. Property Inventory
An accurate and up-to-date inventory of all property owned by the congregation should be established and maintained. This record is particularly important in regard to furnishings.

The committee should be acquainted with the items that a congregation requires to conduct its worship, educational, administrative and recreational activities. Once the listing has been established it should be brought up to date at the close of each year and given to the Finance committee for consideration during its annual review of insurance.

3. A Master Plan
This plan should be a basis for the committee's immediate responsibilities and a guide for its work and study in planning for the future. It should include at least the following:
 a) a drawing, showing the present property of the congregation, the location of its buildings and the proposed location of any new construction to be added as conditions may require;
 b) a statement (accompanied by drawings) regarding the long-range church property objectives. These may include a master scheme for landscaping, additional parking facilities and other improvements including the acquisition of new property;
 c) a written statement of purposes and objectives, elaborating the Master Plan drawings, but also stating immediate objectives with regard to present facilities, their replacement, maintenance and renovation.

The Master Plan is important to the maintenance and development of the congregation's physical resources. It provides the surest and safest way for such development. Through careful study and advance planning the ultimate objectives of the congregation's requirements and desires can be attained. It will help avoid costly duplication of effort and wasteful expenditure of funds."

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