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Sunday Worship Services
Sunday School: 9:00 am
Fellowship: 10:00 am
Announcements: 10:25 am
Worship Service: 10:30 am
St. John's Mutual Ministry Committee

Committee Members
Church council liaison: Pastor Rachel

Committee Schedule
 a. Review the annual congregation meeting and any goals or emphases that were established for the coming year.
 b. Review the investment of time of staff for the past year and determine what adjustments are necessary in light of new goals or emphases for the coming year
 c. Prepare an article for the newsletter communicating special duties outline in part E of the “Definition” form. Be sure to report any shifts in the emphasis of staff time.

 a. Plan vacation coverage for staff.
 b. Sponsor a recognition dinner for staff. Note any anniversaries of call, birthdays, etc.

 a. Give a temple talk to the congregation about the work of the committee.
 b. Have staff prepare an article for the newsletter related to the joys and stresses of ministry.

 a. Set aside two meetings for the annual review. Use “Compensation, Benefits and Responsibilities.”
 b. Formulate recommendations that will be forwarded to the congregation council or appropriate committee in time for inclusion in the next year’s budget.

 a. Complete plan for continuing education using “Reflections and Directions for Continuing Education.”
 b. Review the congregation’s goals, the goals of staff and the work of the committee during the past year.
 c. Prepare a report for the annual congregation meeting.

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