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St. John's Mission Endowment Fund

*Application forms are typically made available in 

September and awards are made in October

In May of 2007, John and Betty Ansel provided a generous financial gift to St. John's Lutheran Church to establish the Mission Endowment Fund. The purpose of the Mission Endowment Fund is fund is to provide financial support for mission outreach efforts and activities beyond the limits of the annual operational budget of St. John's.

Gifts to the Mission Endowment Fund are encouraged, including cash, cash equivalent, marketable securities, real estate, life insurance, and other personal property.

Awards are made annually out of the annual interest accrued on the principle investment according to ELCA policy standards. The Fund is administered by the Mission Endowment Committee consisting of the St. John's Pastor, Congregational Vice President, Treasurer and three members appointed by the Congregational Church Council for three (3) year terms.

2019 Awards:
  • St. Luke Methodist Food Bank                                           $1,500
  • St. John's Christmas Eve meal delivery (Meals on Wheels)    $1,500
  • St. John's 2020 Lutherroad Day Camp                                $1,200
  • Tribble Center Special Needs Foundation                            $1,200
  • BabyRead Family Reading Program                                    $  500
  • St. John's Youth Ministry                                                   $  500
Thanks to all who support St. John’s Mission Endowment Fund. It allows St. John's to fulfill its mission: We are called and empowered by God to spread the Gospel and to share the love of Jesus Christ in service to all”.