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Sunday Worship Services
Sunday School: 9:00 am
Fellowship: 10:00 am
Announcements: 10:25 am
Worship Service: 10:30 am

2020 St. John’s Sunday School Classes

Children’s classes:  Children age 2-5th grade will meet in the preschool building at 9am. Confirmation class for youth in 5th-8th grade meet in the upstairs classroom above the fellowship hall.

*  2 yrs.-4 yrs. New class! Meet in the nursery room of the Preschool Building. Lois Sharpe provides leadership and instruction for this age group.

*  5 yrs.-2nd grade. Illia Schumacher (older youth) and Tiffany Chapman (younger youth) lead the instruction for children in this class. Class meets in the upstairs of the Preschool Building. Lots of fun, look for the welcome mat!

*  Pre-Confirmation. This class is for 3rd-5th grade children. They meet upstairs in the Preschool Building. Bill Brackett is the teacher and parents rotate as helpers.

*  Confirmation. Confirmation is for middle school children. This class meets in a classroom above the Fellowship Hall. Pastor Honeycutt and Mark McLean teach this class.

*  High School. This class is taught by Patty Shepard and Cindy Honeycutt, and meets at the top of the stairs above the Fellowship Hall. Great discussions about life and the Bible for teens.

Adult classes:

*  The Archway. This is our newest adult class led by Josh McCall. Currently, ages range from early 20s to 40s. This class discusses a pre-sermon lesson that focuses on the Gospel for each week. It consists of prayer, lessons and fellowship and meets in the Fellowship Hall. Great for newcomers and young families.

*  Room For One More. Scott Sprouse teaches this class using the Augsburg Adult Bible Studies books. This class always has room for one more! Scott’s knowledge of Biblical history always makes for an interesting lesson. The class meets on the first floor of the Preschool Building.

*  Life Application Class. This class meets in the basement of the Preschool Building. Great for those interested in studying a wide range of topics using a variety of spiritual books. Gary Cabbage is the group leader.

*  Holy Spirit Class. Doug Dean leads this class. Holy Spirit Class members are involved in a pre-sermon study each week. Senior church members love this class, but all are welcome to come and learn. It meets in the Preschool Building.