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St. John's Memorials and Gifts Committee

Committee Members
Council liaison: TBA

Committee Description
A standing committee joining Finance, Stewardship, Property, and Cemetery under the "Support" function is described in the constitutional by-laws, with membership consisting of a chairman selected from the Council by the Council, the Congregational Treasurer, the Pastor, the chairman of the Worship, Property, and Altar Guild Committees. Past chairman of the Memorial and Special Gifts Committee may be eligible to serve as ex officio member for one year.

To set policy, establish and maintain procedures in matters pertaining to all memorial, honorarium, and special gifts, regardless of nature, given to St. John's. This pertains to past, current, and future gifts.

To demonstrate responsibility to the giver and/or family of giver, whether church member or not, and to additionally demonstrate the responsibility of the congregation in accepting same gift. This includes, but is not limited to:

Coordinating accounting procedures with Church Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Office Secretary for care and accuracy of handling and communication.

Acknowledging, in writing, receipt of gift, crediting proper fund, etc. or otherwise using gift for its intended purpose.

Publicly acknowledging all memorial and special gifts in newsletter.

Recording gifts in Memorial and Special Gifts Book and when authorized by Council, on plaque also.

Periodically advising, in very special cases and at the discretion of the committee, the giver or giver's family, plans or progress concerning a specific gift.

To maintain and publicize, in an easily understood manner, a list of congregationally, approved Funds and Appeals. This list should be arranged in such a manner as to encourage gifts to the (in the opinion of the council) higher priority items and needs.

To require committee review and action of any gift, monetary or otherwise, for funds or appeals not specifically listed as "Approved."

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