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St. John's Finance Committee

Committee Members

Chuck Rawlins (Treasurer), Mark McLean (Financial Secretary), Tom Ward, Pastor Rachel

Church Council liaison: Chris Lee

Committee Description
To provide for responsible management of all financial affairs of the congregation; to prepare an annual budget reflecting realistic anticipated receipts and expenditures that support the congregation's ministries; to have responsibility for the congregation's investments, insurance program, and annual audits.

The Finance Committee shall be appointed by the Congregational Council and shall be composed of persons who are keenly aware of and committed to the nature and purpose of the church and possess an understanding of and appreciation for the essentials of good fiscal administration. The Treasurer and the Financial Secretary shall be ex-officio members.

Budget - The Committee will annually develop a budget proposal for the coming year and submit it to the congregational council for its approval and submission to the congregation for final approval. The budget development process should include opportunities for staff, committees, and other groups to request support for their programs, and should reflect appropriate support for work of the synod and church-at-large. it should also take account of responsible projections of anticipated income.

Policies and Procedures - The committee will make sure that sound financial management policies and procedures are in place, including those for accounting systems, recording of income, cash management, and disbursement of funds.

Investments - The Committee, together with the congregational council, will be responsible for the investment of congregational funds.

Insurance - The Committee will be responsible for securing appropriate insurance for congregational assets as well as liability coverages.

Audit - The Committee will make sure that the financial records of the congregation, related schools, and organizations are audited annually.

Special Financial Situations - if special situations arise, the Committee will make recomendations to the congregational council regarding the financing thereof.

Long Range Planning - The Committee will develop and maintain a system of long-range financial planning for the congregation.

The Committee, through the Treasurer, will submit a monthly financial report to the congregational council and provide an analytical interpretation in light of the approved budget. On the request of the congregational council, the Committee will submit financial reports to the congregation through appropriate means. The Committee will prepare an annual written report of its work for submission to the congregational council and the congregation.

Updated September 9, 2002

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