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St. John's Christian Education Committee

Committee members: TBA
Church council liaison: Tiffany Chapman

Committee description
The Christian education committee, in association with the pastor, shall oversee the conduct and promotion of the school(s) and the activities of all organizations within the congregation. It will provide a lifelong program of Christian education that will enable members of all ages to learn scriptures and Lutheran teachings and apply them in their daily lives.

The committee will consist of up to 11 members of the congregation, including a chair appointed by the church council, the pastor and any other Christian education staff.

Plan ongoing, regular educational experiences that appeal to all segments of the congregation.

Plan special events that promote and encourage all members to participate in the education program.

Recruit volunteer teachers for the education program.

Provide ways for the congregation to recognize and thank the people who volunteer to teach and lead in the education program.

Review available curriculum and other educational material and select those that will be used in the education programs of the congregation.

Give special attention to the educational programs that support faith development and involvement in the life of the church, such as confirmation ministry, the incorporation of new members, early childhood and family support programs.

Keep church library up-to-date with books and periodicals useful in Parish education and for the general use of church members.

Time commitment
The term of service is two years. There are no term limits. The committee meets monthly, or as needed, as well as for special meetings at times mutually agreeable to the committee members. Those serving on this committee are also asked to serve as liaisons to various subcommittees.

Possible subcommittees
Sunday school: Preschool and Elementary
Sunday school: Middle School and High School
Sunday school: Adult
Vacation Bible School
Children/youth ministries
Skill development expectations

Accountability and reporting
The chair of the committee will meet with the pastor to coordinate plans for the committee's work and to discuss ways to increase its productivity and effectiveness. The committee will provide a monthly written report of its accomplishments and recommendations to the church council.

The committee will prepare an annual written report of its work to be included in the reports given at the annual meeting of the congregation.

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