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St. John's Architectural Review Committee

Property Home

Committee Members
Jane Harris
Kim Biemann
Lib Seigler
Patty Shepard
Betty Sosebee
Faye Workman

Committee Description
The architectural review committee is a subcommittee of the property committee. The purpose of the architectural review committee is to preserve and protect the historical heritage of St. John's Lutheran Church and to enhance the beauty of God's holy house of worship for future generations. The committee will be responsible for reviewing and making recommendations as it may pertain to any modifications to all church property, including, but not limited to, the sanctuary, classrooms, fellowship hall, common spaces, Ballenger property, Biggerstaff, parsonage and any other properties that may be added in the future. This pertains to furnishings, fabrics, paints, colors, textures, materials, accessibility for the impaired, signage and anything affecting the architecture of the buildings. It also includes the removal, addition, rearranging or redesigning of anything that is considered permanent to the decor of the sanctuary and remaining structures that make up the property of St. John's Lutheran Church. The interior of the parsonage is considered private; colors, patterns, carpets, wallpaper, window dressings, etc. will be at the discretion of the pastor and his family. The architectural review committee will review and make recommendations to the property committee, who in turn will make recommendations to the church council. Council will have final authority on such matters. Any new buildings constructed or renovation of existing buildings will automatically have the chairperson of the architectural review committee as a member of the "building committee."

The committee will consist of six members of the congregation. The initial group will elect a chairperson and that person will meet with the property committee at its regularly scheduled meetings. The chairperson will report back to the architectural review committee.

The terms for the architectural review committee will be established as follows: Two St. John's members from the congregation will be appointed by the property committee to serve at the pleasure of the property committee for a period not to exceed 10 years. Four committee members will be appointed by the property committee serving staggered terms. Pastors may be ex-officio committee members.

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